~About us~       

               Copy This is an interactive television show done on location.  Its mission is to draw in the people who live in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.  The show will discover Los Angeles and its people by stimulating viewer’s interest about local affairs.

               We will explore local, state and national politics, with honesty and humor, combined with pop culture, sports, art and food through the daily lives and experiences of people.

                We will find and elevate voices of the people who live here. We will look forward and we will look back. There are layers of technology, entertainment and history. We will discover how our city got here and where we are going in the City of Angels, the City of Dreams.

                Hosted by community leaders, Democrat Jan Perry and Republican Kevin James, offering unique insight, diversity. The show will drill down deep to uncover the unseen issues that are right before our eyes.

 Too Way LA will promote respect for diversity in an age of global community.